Bangladesh – Road & Highways

The main road network of the country is under the Roads and Highways Department (RHD). Maintenance of the roads including bridges is carried out by RHD. There is approximately 21,483 km of roads under this department. The road network capable to carry vehicles has increased significantly and is increasing every year. Bangladesh government realizes the importance of road maintenance and the RHD has given more emphasis on this subject.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges has 2 Divisions : the Road Transport and Highways Division and the Bridge Division. RHD has again 4 components

·       Roads and Highways Department

·       Bangladesh Road Transport Authority

·       Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation

·       Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority

The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) within the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges, is responsible for the management of approximately 21,483 km comprising 3 categories of road classes (National, Regional and Zilla road).

Road Network at a Glance

Road Data

Road length by classification

National Highway 

3,544.06 Km

Regional Highway 

4,280.02 Km

Zilla Road 

13,659.13 Km

Total Road Length 

21,483.21 Km

Categories of Roads

National Highways connect the national capital with different divisional and old district headquarters port cities and international highways. These roads have been categorised as National Highways considering the national importance and geographical positions. Each National Highway has been provided with a name and a number, such as Dhaka-Chattogram Highway has been numbered N-1 whereas N stands for National. This number can only be changed by RHD headquarters.

 Regional Highways connect different regions and new district headquarters not connected by National Highways and Zilla Roads. Regional Highways are named after National Highways of national importance. Names and numbers of these highways are decided such as Cumilla-Lalmai, R-140, whereas R stands for Regional meaning the Region. This number can only be changed by RHD headquarters.

Zilla Roads are defined as Roads connecting Upazila head quarters and other important rural centres with the existing Road network. Name and numbers of these roads are decided such as Akhaura-Agartala, Z-1203 whereas Z stands for Zilla.

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